went to church and whispered a prayer,

I prayed for my neighbor, the one chasing my children in the foken streets with double edged sharpened panga shouting peace! we want peace! 

but he forgets justice.

What about justice?

I went to church and whispered a prayer
I prayed for my senator, you now, the one who talks sugar coated words as his hands drips blood, the one who gave us sugarless tea while wine drips from his lips and pockets run deep

I went to church and whispered a prayer

I prayed for the reverend, you see, he was busy, he skipped our prayer session to fellowship with sister Mary whose husbands is dodging bullets for the country. Fellowship, as he shoots hot life in her
I went to church and prayed
I prayed for the soul of my great grandmother whose seems to linger in political arena, casting votes, after three decades of his departure.

May be the gods answered our prayers and brought her back, but i still prayed

I prayed for mister politician too you see, the one with money for wars
but he cant afford to feed the poor, and those in hospitals corridors and pavements and unsorted bill, the one who preaches for peace in public but kills it in private…

I went to church and prayed,
I prayed for my jobless brother, the one who drives mheshimiwas cars not knowing its his little sister in the back going to help mheshimiwa build a nation.

I prayed for my uncle matching in nuclear war zone for my country, his children are in  the streets and his wife carries a white child, you see his single mother died because the nurses were on strike.yet, he fights for his country
I went to church, my bloody palms together, muddy knees on the floor, guilty mind, sinful soul

And I prayed.



Why are you lying to me baby,

I see it in your eyes baby, they used to be sweet and welcoming , glow with a luring love, they are mysterious and defensive, they dart here and there

Why do you lie to me honey, I smell it on your shirts on skin, on your lips, on your tongue, I see it in the reflections of your eyes, that first stare before you look away.

I see it on your fingers and its tips, on your nails, the ones you touch her the same way you touch me, Does she arch her neck the way I do. Does she giggle when you touch her tummy too?

Does she laugh hard at your Socrates stale jokes.

Baby, your face tell lies, your lips draw lies, you don’t have that right braille anymore.

Haha, baby

Why do you lie to me.

I hear the lies

Your words are twisted, speech filtered, you scamper and skim on phrases, you listen to different kind of music, the kind we kept in trash cans.


Why do you lie to me, lying on my lap gazing in nothingness, is she on your mind when I’m in your arms? Does she distract you when I’m talking to you? 

Does she hide in your thoughts when you cage your head in this V.

Baby, why

You lie I’m the only one. 

You lie you love, why do you lie to me baby?

Your lips has the color of her lips,

Yet you moan my name and scratch my skin, look in my soul communicate with my fluids and lie to me more.

You say you’ve been working,I proly forgot to ask on what, or is it on who?

Baby lie to me

I won’t even ask why, music to my ears, noise to my heart beat.

Lie to me baby as I busk in this sun, wine glass in my hands.

Lie to me baby as I smile, books and poetry on my mind, I now remember the piece I read somewhere…

Pull that tiny thread and watch me fall apart

Watch me fall to the ground 

Unraveling the collected pieces of my broken heart

See me lay there and make no sound

The tears I cry are not for you…

Lie to me baby, when you are done,

When I’m done, I have no mute button.

Stop is the button.


​I have eloped with my soul to the gloomy house in the desert, 

you know, the one with sharp edge broken ice walls, 

with me is a broken heart stashed in the cupboard,

 his old letters under my pillow mapped with stains of yesterday’s sombre celebrations, 

a jar overflowing with sobs and hiccups, 

a plate covered with unsaid phrases at dinner,

This sheets reeks with memories he left behind.


​I missed to miss, 
and craved the bliss

I missed the feel, 

felt the fleece 

Damn’t was nice, 

I felt at ease

I ditched the fear, 

reached for the kiss

Threw my dice, 

ignored the hiss

Focused on the tease

Shaking of the knees

Seemed not to cease

I reached for the need, 

moulded in perfect knead, 

she heeded the need saw the the sowed seeds,

 followed the lead

So I caught her head

Sparks shot and fire flames followed.

The smirk I duck but heck can I

Trackings the spine line in trails and

and nails, 

there is no turning back,

I luck the nouns just verbs as I lurk on the flesh crushing the bones, 

stuck in the zone,

 clawed in my dark, 

drake in my eyes 

nick on my lips I eye

 hulk where I need him I pray

For prey I try

Minds got seducted,

 Reason deducted

To the duct end,

 Bodies heated 

A sin was conducted 

I explained to him,I kissed her and…



I pray that my daughter will not read my story,

That my son will not see the blood stains on my palms.

I pray that they will not question these scars and cuts and bruises.

For my conscience is guilty

My lips will tremble and betray me

They can’t look at the mirror, no the mask should be enough.

This me, the painting on the canvas.

If they see me, the real stained me

if they hear my story, if they see my mirror reflection

I’ll be as good as barren, but worse

43 Heartbeats

I choose to be Kenyan, and Kenya makes me bleed.

I choose Kenyans, and they still make me feel abandoned, neglected.

What did i do, what did I not do?

My motherland

My mother.

It doesn’t matter if I cry or laugh

It doesn’t matter if I crawl or walk

Mother, just don’t let me bleed.

43 heartbeats in my chest.

Don’t kill me.

So i have been away for the longest time from words and phrases online, and now I’m back.

Im gonna be posting like once pee week beforey project of getting my domain kicks in plus many more awesomely buzzarf ideas I’m sure you will love.

Thanks for you patience. My first post in a long a while is coming up shortly, but in the meantime, let’s have some fun with this new thing….

Get me if you can.




I want to tell you of my experience with depression

of my close communal with fear that gripped me near chock

of my deep heartfelt conversations with the tears that stained my cheeks and left my sleeves drenched.

I want to tell you of my glory days with pain, that held me tight and in the hiccups and wails and screams and… disdain

of solemn  nights of broken promises, filled with empty space and voiceless echoes.

of porcelain smiles and  void laughters.

I want to tell you of the empty space under my feet, the heavy floor over my head…

but, how can I?

how can I?


I remember seeing that corpse
Nothing but bones and remnants of flesh
Blackened and shriveled by the elements of time and nature
Skin once once warm and soft
Now ice cold to the touch
Everything this person was
And could’ve been,
Is gone
To another place
But not the memory

I know of a woman! I can’t tell you her name, that’s simply because you won’t understand the weight of it nor the meaning the name carries. She is the woman I first fell in love with, whole heartedly because she showed how a woman loves completely and effortlessly. She loves with her eyes and […]

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